Cathrine born 1763

A Cathrine Fisher married William Menzies from Murthly in May 1782. Below is the record of that marriage in the Parish of Weem.

Menzies booking

William's father name was probably also William as the petition of William Menzies, previously at Braeside, suggests he had tenanted Murthly for several years before that date. I can find only one baptism of a William Menzies of a similar age to Cathrine and a father also called William. It took place in October 1764 in the Parish of Dull where Braeside was located. Unfortunately William was said to be 85 in 1841 which would suggest a birthdate of 1756.Cathrines

If we accept that 'Ken' is Kenmore the OPR reveals that 5 Cathrine Fishers were baptised in that parish in the 40 years before the marriage (Numbers 4 and 5 are the same Cathrine).

They were all quite young to get married especially 4-6. Number 3, our Cathrine, is probably the most likely candidate, not least because the rest of the family moved to Murthly after her father Alexander was removed from Alekich. Alexander died there and her brother Patrick's children were all baptized from there.

Unfortunately there is no death or census record which includes Cathrine Menzies living at Murthly, or anywhere close by, so we are unable to obtain her date of birth. Their last child William was baptized from Murthly in 1794 but after that there is no record of Catherine. At the 1841 census 85 year old William described as 'bedrid' was living with his 25 year old grand-daughter Grace. Grace's mother Sarah was next door and described as a 'cottar'.

Some of Cathrine's descendants emigrated to Australia.

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